Our pro-active sales team kicks off the sales process at blue-print stage. Most of the projects are pre-sold before the construction is even started. The sales department stays with the customer throughout the process. Upon completion, the buyers are surveyed for customer satisfaction as client service is particularly valued at this stage.

Our team of seasoned international real estate professionals is focused on exclusive or exceptional opportunities in the mature markets to acquire uniquely placed building lots. Our building parcels are often in the heart of the cities, with all major infrastructure characteristics of urban development already in place​.

Our architecture and construction team enjoys over 20 years of experience building housing in complex urban areas, with challenging city permit requirements, providing full-scale solutions for turn-key construction projects. Our award-winning architects oversee projects of high complexity and pride themselves with delivering on time and on budget. The construction standards are generally very high, with significant emphasis placed on environment preservation.


Land and Building Lots

We Build up your Investment

Acquisition and development of commercial or residential property overseas  is a monumental endeavor. Doing so in partnership with an experienced and trusted advisor will make it closer and easier. OGELI OY pursues real estate investment opportunities in many countries around the world, with a focus on unique locations in mature European markets that often stay under the radar of most main-stream real estate developers. We act as land acquirers, property developers and finished project sponsors for multi-dwelling complexes in major European cities.

The development projects tend to service urban communities with middle to high income residents basis. Project locations are painstakingly selected via a thorough due diligence real estate portfolio calibration process.​ We provide the professional and courteous service you deserve over the lifetime of your investment.  

Property Development